The Team

Our team is a subset of the larger IODP Expedition 353 science party, combined with new collaborators and students, focused on understanding the enigmatic Pliocene-early Pleistocene history of the Indian Monsoon.
You can find individual contact details for us below.

Kate Littler
University of Exeter, UK

Pallavi Anand
Open University, UK

Oscar Romero
University of Bremen, Germany

Marci Robinson
United States Geological Survey, USA

Clara Bolton
Cerege, France

Masafumi Murayama
Kochi University, Japan

Melanie Leng
British Geological Survey, UK

Katrina Nilsson-Kerr
Open University, UK
PostDoc/ Technician

Yasmin Bokhari Friberg
Open University, UK.
PhD student 2017–

Emmeline Gray
Open University, UK
PhD student 2018–

Chloe Young
University of Exeter, UK
PhD Student 2019–

Jinrong Gan
University of Exeter, UK
PhD student 2019–

Collaborators internal and external to the Exp 353 shipboard team

Steve Clemens (Co-Chief). Brown University, USA
Wolfgang Kuhnt (Co-Chief). Kiel University, Germany
David Naafs, University of Bristol, UK
Richard Pancost, University of Bristol, UK
Ian Bailey, University of Exeter, UK
Kaustubh Thirumalai. University of Arizona, USA
Sunghan Kim. Korea Polar Research Institute, Korea.
Liviu Giosan. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA

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