Upcoming monsoon meetings

There are two great monsoon-related conferences coming up in 2020 that we’d like to flag.

1. Chapman conference on the Evolution of the Monsoon, Biosphere and Mountain Building in Cenozoic Asia
5-9th Jan 2020. Washington DC, USA.

2. 36th International Geological Congress
2–8 March 2020. Delhi, India

Lots of monsoon-relevant sessions including:

22.1 Advances in Our Understanding of Global Hydro-Climate Dynamics Before Cenozoic.
Robert A Spicer r.a.spicer@open.ac.uk (UK), Vandana Prasad (India)

22.2 Evolution of Monsoon Variability on Tectonic Scale During the Cenozoic
Ann Holbourn 
ann.holbourn@ifg.uni-kiel.de (Germany), Raj K. Singh (India)

22.3 Monsoon Evolution Pattern on Orbital to Suborbital and Centennial to Interdecadal Scales
Stephan Steinke ssteinke@xmu.edu.cn (China), Sushant Naik (India)

22.4 Holocene Monsoon History with Focus on Changes During Last Two Millennia
Ashish Sinha 
asinha@csudh.edu (USA), Gayatri Kathayat (China), Prosenjit Ghosh (India)

22.5 Megadroughts: Past, Present, and Future
Gayatri Kathayat 
kathayat@xjtu.edu.cn (China), Ashish Sinha (USA)

Published by Kate Littler

Lecturer in Geology at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK. Paleoclimate, paleoceanography, geochemistry.

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